What we do

Since 2007, we have imported wine and distribute directly to restaurants all over Sweden. We strive to offer a wide selection of excellent products and a high level of service to our customers, whether to a hotel, restaurant or a private customer.

We do independent, natural, artisanal, real, tasty wines. We always seek organic and/or biodynamic work principals in the vineyards. It is by no means a quality control of the product, rather an approach and a way of thinking that contributes to genuine and qualitative agriculture.

We make huge efforts to find grape farmers who produce wines of high quality that are coherent with nature, culture and tradition.

In Sweden we have a government-owned monopoly called Systembolaget which is the sole supplier alcohol to private customers. For us,  only this represents about 10 % of our business. 90% of what we do is direct one-to-one sales to the restaurant sector and we are proud to provide tasty, quality wines to many of the best places all over Sweden.

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/Niklas Jakobson
Founder & owner

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